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A healthy lifestyle is not a common practice amongst Pakistanis. This is the reason why I made my mission to raise awareness about the importance of eating healthy food and giving your body the right treatment it deserves.

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About ME

Who I Am ?

I am a Certified Dietitian that has made quite a name in the industry. Having excellent experience and vast knowledge in food and diet,I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology from a renowned University of Pakistan. Currently, I am working in a Government Institute as a Dietitian Instructor in Pakistan. My nature of work involves teaching students about the importance of medical nutrition, various food diets, and guidelines on how to live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

I keep a keen interest in teaching and sharing insightful guides on how you can balance a healthy diet without having to avoid your favorite food items. I am also registered with the Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society, making her one of the top reliable dieticians in the field.

Being a Pakistani, I realize that it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially with all the spicy Pakistani dishes that we consume. I believe that enjoying all the desi cuisine is justified but with keeping a balance with all the nutrients. I firmly believes that a person should enjoy all types of tastes and cuisines within a certain limit, rather than completely avoiding or consuming a specific list of food items.

A diet is never about giving up your favorite food. It is a lifestyle, a healthy approach to consuming the right nutrients and vitamins that allow your body to remain free of toxins and unwanted fat. The main aim is to gain energy, remain fit, and keep a balance in your eating habits.

This is why I has always been a top choice amongst her patients, as I truly understands how a person struggles to maintain their diet and how they can cope with their struggle to achieve their goal.

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What makes me the best choice as a Dietitian?

I am providing customized meal plans to my patients. This includes all your preferred choice of meals, so you wouldn’t have to worry about giving up any meal. With just a few know-hows and an understanding of the amount of food you intake every day, it will become easier for anyone to take calculated measures in taking nutrients and vitamins.
Many of my patients come out happy and satisfied with the results and diet plans that I share with them. This is because it never really has to do with cutting off food items from your diet plan. Rather it is more focused on increasing or decreasing certain amounts that create a balance in your system.

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