Ispaghol Husk for Weight Loss – Benefits and Secret

Ispaghol Husk for Weight Loss

Table of Contents Many people in today’s world are worried about losing weight. This is because we live more sedentary lives, eat unhealthy food, and deal with a lot of stress. As a result, many people are becoming overweight, which is a serious problem. Because of the growing concern about weight, people are always searching […]

How To Make Weight Loss With Coconut Oil? A Simple Guide

how to make weight loss with coconut oil

Table of Contents Losing weight can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier, like using coconut oil. Coconut oil is a healthy type of fat that can help you with weight loss and has many good effects on your health. Many people search for natural and effective ways to lose weight, and […]

Healthy Eid ul Adha Special Dishes – Eid Dinner Ideas

Eid ul adha special dishes

Table of Contents Eid ul Adha special dishes include Siri Paye (head and foot), Roasted Raan (thigh piece of the lamb), Namkeen Gosht (Salty meat), etc. Eid dinner ideas also include BBQ, some people prefer boneless meat and cook steaks. Chappal kabab, Seekh kabab, Shami Kabab, Nalli Nehari, Haleem, Mutton, Beef Karahi, and Hunter Beef […]

Best PCOS Weight Loss Tips and PCOS Weight Loss Diet

pcos weight loss tips

Table of Contents PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is an imbalance hormonal disorder among woman’s hormones which is caused by ovaries that are creating excess hormones of male. It is a common health problem that affects the ovaries or ovulation system of women. In this blog we will discuss that how to recover […]

Never miss these Summer Fruits in Pakistan

summer fruits in pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with fertile land. The fertile agricultural land of Pakistan produces quality crops every time. In this blog, we will discuss about various kinds of summer fruits of Pakistan and their health benefits for people. Locally prodcued Summer Fruits in Pakistan Pakistani summer fruits are produced locally, and grown in abundance Mangoes, chikoo, plums, apples, grapes, and guava are some of the most common summer fruits in […]